COVID 19 - WildBear is fully operational in the current period for all creative solutions, including filmed productions. The company is a leader of Screen Producers Australia and has helped developed safe work protocols in order to get your job done. WildBear has a Covid Safety Plan and risk management practices for client assurance.

Our Services

For the past 30 years, WildBear Digital has been a trusted partner on a wide variety of creative and production projects.

From small to large audio visual jobs, WildBear has demonstrated capabilities from experience.

We can help you create content for any platform. This may be for internal use or external facing as part of your needs.

Factual Content

Taking the facts of what you need to communicate and bringing those to life in a highly engaging and meaningful way is what the WildBear Digital business has been built on.

We have the experience and skills to demystify what may seem a daunting challenge for you, particularly if you haven’t dealt with creative services before. We can help you with a solution for your budget.

Australia and United States Mateship Video

Vietnam Memorial Video - The Battle of Binh Ba

Branded Content

WildBear can help you look at your brand and create content to clearly articulate who you are, what you do and why it is you do it.

We can co-ordinate the most simple to the most complex film needs with the best Directors of Photography, Sound Recordists and Producers in the business – domestically and overseas.

My Health Record Campaign 2018

Nick Kyrgios Yonex Ezone filmed for George P Johnson, Japan

Video On Demand

WildBear can produce content for VOD services. In 2020, we partnered with the Mediawan pay TV group in France to produce 100 content pieces for their history channel.

We also partnered with PBS America on content about the impact to wildlife during the Australian bushfires.

History 360 VOD content

Online and Social

We can help you with content for websites or social media platforms. We can guide you on a social media campaign that has impact and high reach in this day and age of large audiences constantly connected through multiple smart devices. Chatbot Animation

ELSA Website videos

ACT Container Deposit Scheme Promotional Video

New Colombo Plan Social Media Campaign 2020


A device driven and easily connected world has also led to greater flexibility when it comes to learning. E-learning content should have strong production values to articulate the subject matter an in easy to consume manner.

And more than ever with the events of 2020, WildBear believes it is well placed to collaborate very effectively to make e-learning engaging and interesting.

Future Warfare E-Learning Pieces

CIT E-Learning Promo Video

Museums and Galleries

WildBear has created content for galleries and exhibitions. Our most substantial delivery in this field was as lead contractor for the Sir John Monash Centre multi-media facility build in Villers-Bretonneux, France.

This was a project of significant scale and involved widespread use of nearly all production disciplines from live action filming, including some large and complex scenes done in Australia and overseas, through to animation, virtual reality and more.

Sir John Monash Centre Opening Film Teaser

Live Events and Awards

If it’s content for live awards or a pre-recorded and packaged event you need, WildBear has experience.

Most significantly, WildBear has been the lead creative collaborator for the PM Prizes for Science for more than a decade.

Prime Ministers Prizes for Science 2020

New Colombo Plan Event Video


WildBear can work with you on TV commercials, outdoor digital advertising content or perhaps a cinema ad. WildBear can work on the full range of your campaign requirements.

Enlighten Festival TVC 2020

Googong Display Village TVC 2020

ANU - Branding - How would you like to learn TVC

REA - Canberra Suburb Speed Dating TVC


A podcast is a great way for you to tell a story. Podcasting is one of the newest media content platforms in Australia and growing rapidly in popularity.

You might be looking to build some podcasting content from scratch through to completion or perhaps partner with us if you already have the content but perhaps not the facilities or expertise to produce the podcast.


WildBear can manage professional photography requirements to a high level as well and has done this successfully for many years.

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